why complain on easy street??
i don’t even talk i let the visa speak…and i like my sprite easter pink

"I can throw pretty hard, and I can run pretty fast. So when all the other kids found that out, they picked me for their baseball team, and I played with them everyday, and it felt pretty good, it was like the first time that I had friends, and the first time anybody treat me nicely, and it felt kinda good! Until one day.. the game was on the line and I was a bat, and I lost the game for my team, and I thought they’d still be friends with me but this kid said ‘you suck, and you are stupid, you cannot hang out with us and you hit like a girl and you throw like a girl.. and your mother is ugly’ and whatever.. So when I got done beating him senseless, I looked up and I saw the eyes of the other children… I realised then I am probably destined to be a loner for the rest of my life! But that is fine, I like it better anyway. Nobody likes me or myself anyway, AND I DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY IN THIS WORLD!” 

Tw Ronaldinho: Yesterday I found my great friend Messi and I could personally congratulate him on the beautiful World Cup. It was a great joy!!

Plan is Brock Lesnar, and plan C is CM Punk. 

WWE THE BASH 2009: Randy Orton retains the WWE Championship in a Three Stages of Hell match against Triple H.

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Roman Reigns’ entrance video. [Seth Rollins’ ver.

Still can’t believe Lil Wayne retweeted my tweet today. (x)